PCS-HC : Portable Hydraulic Pressure Generator/Controller

PCS-HC is hydraulic pressure generator and controller for up to 100 MPa hydraulic pressure calibration.

PCS-HC has a built-in lever type pump for internal de-aeration and priming. Lever type priming pump can generate primary pressure up to 20 MPa and screw type hand pump can generate and precise pressure control easily and quickly up to 100 MPa use with very small torque.

PCS-HC is portable instrument that can generate up to 100 MPa which is the best portable hydraulic pressure generator/controller in the world. Upper side of PCS-HC equipped quick connectors and adapters for quick and easy to connect DUT. PCS-HC using special O-Ring by PDK’s own high pressure technology, therefore it can be used semi-permanently without failure.


  1. Portable pressure calibration
  2. Simple calibration for common calibration lab
  3. Calibrate pressure gauge for pressure measuring instruments retail business
  4. Pressure generating and controlling for pressure test lab
  5. Pressure calibration for laboratory
  6. For hydraulic high pressure calibration


  1. Built-in lever type priming pump
  2. Up to 100 MPa pressure generate and control
  3. High pressure generate and control with very small torque
  4. Excellent stabilization of the pressure
  5. Include fitting adapter set


Features Details
Pressure Range 0 to 100 MPa
Control Accuracy 0.01 MPa
Oil Reservoir Volume 250 cc
Variable Volume 1.5 cc
Maximum Priming 0 to 20 MPa
Pressure Port Quick connector adapter supplied
Weight 9 kg
Size 450 mm (W) x 360 mm(D) x 170 mm(H)
Ordering Information Model PCS-HC
Description Portable Pressure Generator / Controller
Option Test Gauge 0.05 %, 70 MPa

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