PDR500 - Digital Pressure Gauge

0.1 % Accuracy portable Digital Pressure Gauge

Digital Pressure Gauge PDR500 maintains 0.1% of accuracy within –10 to 50 °C

PDR500 is reliable that can measure precision pressure without a separate external power supply in anytime any place, including on-site and laboratory.

PDR500 can check and record the pressure in Smart phone with Bluetooth wireless communication.


PDK produced PDR500 with PDK’s unique pressure calibration technology and production that has excellent performance of Micro-processor technologies.

PDR500 has best economic feasibility in its class with precision pressure measure, variable function and wireless communication

  1. Range : 0 to 100 kPa ~ Max 500 MPa
  2. Accuracy : ±0.1% F.S (-10 to 50 °C Temperature)
  3. Convenient to read and large 4 1/2 digit display
  4. Brightness adjustment Display
  5. Simple button touch for various function setting change and unit change
  6. Durable die-cast outer case
  7. Quick and easy to change the pressure unit
  8. Small size for easy install
  9. Silicon protection cover included
  10. Long time battery life
  11. Class IP 66 Water-proof


  1. Min/Max function
  2. Data logging function
  3. Auto-Off function
  4. Calibration function (Zero, Span)
  5. Backlight On/Off & Brightness adjustment


  1. RS232 Communication (19200 bps Factory set)
  2. Analog Output function (External Power Required)
  3. Wireless communication (Bluetooth) /Free App download (Android only)
  4. Available to use external power (Power Adaptor Option)

Specification :

Features Details
Pressure Range 0 ~ 100 kPa to 0 ~ 500 MPa (See below for references)
Accuracy ±0.1% F.S (Included Nonlinearity, Hysteresis, Repeatibilty, Errors for -10 ~ 50 °C)
Over Pressure Limit 200 % of F.S (Up to 20 MPa), 200 % of F.S (Up to 70 MPa), 120 % of F.S (Up to 500 MPa)
Burst Pressure 1000 % of F.S (Up to 20 MPa), 600 % of F.S (Up to 35 MPa),
300 % of F.S (Up to 70 MPa), 150 % of F.S (Up to 500 MPa)
Pressure Unit kPa, MPa, kgf/cm2, psi, mbar, bar, inHg, inH2O, mmHg
Workable Range -20 ~ 70 °C
Storage Range -30 ~ 80 °C
Compensation Range -10 ~ 50 °C
Power Requirement AAA Alkaline battery 3 ea, Hours of battery use approximately 500 hours
(Lithium battery ~ 2000 hours)
Media of Use Gas & Liquid
Display 4 1/2 Digits, Backlight On / Off, Automatic Off
Display Speed 3 times / second (10 times automatic range if use Peak function)
Pressure Port NPT 1/4", PF 1/4", PT 1/4", UNF 9/16" Cone Threaded Female (Over 100 MPa) (Optional)
Waterproof Class IP 66
Size Dia. 80 mm x 38 mm, 120 mm Included Pressure Port
Weight 350 g

Options :

Features Details
Data logging 1 time / 1, 3, 5, 30, 60 seconds. Store Max 10,000 data
Analog Output 1 - 5 VDC (Must use external power supply). 0.1% Accuracy
RS232 Communication Provide commands in manual, Available to use private communicatin cable (option)
External Power Power Adaptor (12 - 32 VDC)
Bracket Panel Mounted Bracket
Wireless Communication Bluetooth, Free App Download (Android Only)

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