OPS-H : Hydraulic Pressure Generator / Controller

OPS-H is for up to 200 MPa pressure generation and adjustment systems that required very accurate precise pressure regulation.

OPS-H is pressure comparator and comparison tester that using analog pressure gauge and digital pressure gauge for standard comparator. It can control precise pressure and dead-weight tester’s pressure generate and precise pressure control.

OPS-H using priming pump for primary pressure (about up to 100 MPa) then screw type hand pump control the precise pressure (up to 200 MPa or more).

Priming pump generate pressure that using hydraulic pressure booster powered by Pneumatic pressure and screw type hand pump control precise pressure. A torque of the lowest among the same class and during long-term use, it will needs less power in high pressure up to more than 200 MPa. OPS-H has 3 of test port for various purposes.


Features Details
Maximum Pressure up to 200 MPa or more
Variable Volume 3 cc
Drive Air Pressure 700kPa g
Drive Air Pressure Port 1/4″ Union
Oil Reservoir Volume 250 cc
Test Port 9/16″ UNF Cone & Thread (AE F250C, HIP HF4)
Weight 15 kg
Size 345 mm(W) x 560 mm(D) x 160 mm(H)
Media Oil
Option Sebacate Oil 1 Liter

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