Model FB-06S/L (Stirred Bath)

Fluidized Bath, Semi-PortableMedium Temperature Calibrators

Ideal choice for simultaneous Calibration of several Temperature Sensors in quick time – Thermocouples / RTD Assemblies, Glass Thermometers, Filled System (Dial) Thermometers / Temperature Switches etc.

Calibration of bulky / heavy, odd shaped / sized Sensors – a must for Process Industries, Power Stations etc. with 1000s of Temperature Sensors installed.

Feature :
  1. Range : 20°C above Ambient to 600°C
  2. Accuracy : ±1.5°C
  3. Dry, relatively inert / clean / non-toxic safe
  4. Compact Design / Cost Effective
  5. No Fitment / Immersion Problems
  6. Short / Long Immersion – to suit Multitype / Multiple Sensor Calibration
  7. Rapid Heat Transfer & Precise Temperature Control
  8. Stainless Steel Inner Container
  9. Complete with Moisture Separator, Flow Meter, Pressure Regulator, Autotune PID Temperature Control, Cooling Coil etc.
  10. Switch Test facility
  11. Castor Wheels for easy movement
  12. RS-232 Computer Interface & “Caltemp” Calibration Software – Optional

Specification :

  FB 06S FB 06L
Range 20°C above Ambient to 600°C
Resolution 1°C
Accuracy ±1.5°C
Stability ±0.5°C
Stabilisation Time 25 Minutes
Working Chamber Dia 155 mm 225 mm
Immersion Depth 250 mm 400 mm
Heating Time (to max) 50 Minutes 90 Minutes
Cooling Time (to 100°C) 3 Hours (without cooling attachment)

45 Minutes (with cooling attachment)
5 Hours (without cooling attachment)

75 Minutes (with cooling attachment)
Temperature Readout (PID Controller) °C / °F Switchable
Air Pressure 1 to 1.5 Kg/cm2
Air Flow 25 LPM 45 LPM
Weight of Medium 6 Kgs 17 Kgs
Inner Container Stainless Steel
Power Supply 2 KW 4 KW
Instrument Dimensions (W x D x H) 800 x 350 x 570 mm 750 x 450 x 800 mm
Weight (without Medium) 40 Kgs 65 Kgs
Weight of Medium Floor Model / Castor Wheel
Standard Delivery:
  1. Fluidized Bath complete with Moisture separator, Flow Meter, Pressure Regulator
  2. Over Spill Flange & Cooling Coil attachment *
  3. Test Leads for Switch Test
  4. Aluminium Oxide Powder : 6 Kgs. (FB 06S), 17 Kgs. (FB 06L)
  5. Evacuation System
  6. Traceable Calibration Certificate
  7. Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories:
  1. Probe Plate Basket (Plate drilled to suit probes)
  2. Probe Carrier / Holder to suit – specify dia of Probe to be calibrated & number of probes (max. 8)
  3. Air Filter
  4. Equalizing Block (Single/Multihole) to achieve higher Stability (±0.1°C)
  5. RS-232 Computer Interface & Calibration Software
  6. Calibration Certificate from NABL Accredited – as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Laboratory

Nagman Intruments & Electronics (P) Ltd.

Nagman, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company was established in the year 1972 started manufacturing RTD / TC sensors, moved on to pioneer the concept of Portable Calibrators for Temperature, Pressure & Signal selling over 50,000 so far.

Nagman, expanding on their technical expertise on portables, developed Calibration Work Stations / Test Benches – Primary & Secondary Standard Calibration Test Benches, Temperature Calibration Test Benches, Electrical & Electronics Calibration Test Benches, Multifunction/Multi-parameter Calibration Test Bench Workstations and Computer Aided Calibration Systems – comparable in design, performance, features and accuracies to reputed/established International brands. Have supplied more than 1,500 Test Benches to major industries in India & Worldwide.