Chart Recorders

Chart Recorders

A product line of chart recorders for accurate and reliable measurement for the recording of pressure and temperature in a wide varietyof applications.

The robust construction of Budenberg Chart Recorders in either 316 Stainless Steel or 304 Stainless Steel, make these an ideal unit for the arduous applications of the offshore oil and gas industry.

Budenberg Chart recorders are available in 240mm diameter chart formats with a variety of sensors and mounting configurations tailored to suit customer applications.The tool kit is supplied as standard with all Dead Weight Testers.


Features Details
Accuracy Class ± 1% of full scale deflection
± 0.5% of full scale deflection (optional)
Range 0 to 1 bar up to 7,000 bar or 100,0000 lb/in²
0 to 80 ̊C up to 600 ̊C
Case 304 Stainless Steel
Chart Drive: High Quality Spring Wound Clock
UL Certified: Battery operated
Chart Drivers 2,4,8,12,24 hour, 7 day
Inking System Disposable Fiber Tips Pens: Red, Green or Blue
Mounting Free Standing with lifting handle and non-slip rubber feet, Panel/wall mounted
Ambient Temperature Range operating : -35 to +50 deg. C
storage : -40 to +90 deg C
Process Connection 1/4″ NPT, HF4 Female
Pressure Element 316 stainless stell seamless bourdon or coil tube
Monel bourdon or coil tube option
Option Pneumatic Alarm
Lockable or waterproof locking handle
Temperature Effect Variation in indication caused by temperature shall not exceed +/- 0.04x(t2-t1)% of the span, where :
t1 is the reference temperature in degrees Celcius
t2 is the ambience temperature in degrees Celcius
Systems Single, Double or Triple pen available
Traceablility All instrument are individually calibrated, A Certificate of Conformity is suppliedFree of Charge
Certification Available BS EN 10204 3.1 Materual Certification

Point by point certificate

No. of Pens Pen Configuration Available
Single Pen Pressure Temperature
Dual Pen Pressure / Pressure Pressure / Temperature
Triple Pen Pressure / Pressure / Pressure Pressure / Pressure / Temperature

Budenberg Gauge Ltd.

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In order to keep pace with the ever changing demands of the industry, Budenberg Gauge has initiated a thorough business re-engineering program targeted at improving all aspects of the companies operation.

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