BGP70, Range: 1 – 70 bar

Pneumatic Dead Weight Testers – Model BGP70

100 – 7000 kPa / 15 – 1000 psi

An industry standard across the world for almost 100 years, the latest family of Budenberg Pneumatic dead weight Testers continues in the footsteps of their predecessors. New to the series are soft-seat operating valves and a fine volume control, to allow even greater easy-of-use.

Robustness, high quality and longevity continue to feature heavily on Budenberg dead weight testers

The BGP series pneumatic dead-weight testers combines excellent ergonomics and ease of operation with high accuracy and stability. Model BGP1, BGP7, BGP25, Bgp70, BGP120 dead-weight testers are specifically designed for workshop and laboratory pneumatic calibrations.


  1. Accuracies 0.02% or 0.0065% (class A option)
  2. Pressure range from 100 to 7,000 kPa.
  3. Soft-seat control valve operation.
  4. Variable volume fine control.
  5. Local Gravity correction available
  6. Standard Pressure units available – psi, bar, kPa
  7. Austenitic stainless steel non-magnetic weights.
  8. Supplied with Software to correct for environmental influences
  9. Wide range of accessories

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