BGP1 Range: 15 – 1000 mbar

Pneumatic Dead Weight Testers - Model BGP1

1.5 – 100 kPa / 5 – 400 in.water / 150 – 10,000 mm.water

The design has been proven over many years to provide excellent sensitivity and stability. Low start pressure is achieved through use of a hollow piston and aluminium head. The Model BGP1 can be used to measure vacuum with a model 24 adapter. The BGP base can be used with any BGP series pistons, allowing testing from 1 kPa to 12 MPa.

The base requires a supply of gas slightly above test pressure, and has precision inlet / outlet valves and a screwpress to enable easy regulation and adjustment of pressure.


  1. Accuracies of 0.015% or 0.008% (Class A option)
  2. Ranges from 15 to 1000 mbar in positive mode
  3. Vacuum from -1 to -90 kPa can be achieved with the model 24 adapter
  4. Supplied with Software to correct for environmental influences
  5. Soft-seat control valve operation.
  6. Variable volume for precise pressure control.
  7. Local Gravity correction available
  8. Standard Pressure units available – psi, kPa, mmH²O, inH²0, mbar.
  9. Austenitic stainless steel non-magnetic weights.

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